"The work of Wolfgang Günther comprises drawing and painting. The search for fictitious situations and the intense confrontation with color and form are central elements of his work, in which often figurative scenes are interlinked with abstract compositions. In his newer works, figures and figure fragments appear increasingly: Knights, mythical creatures, aliens or monsters, embedded into mystical-abstract landscapes populate the canvas. The motifs evoke childrens drawings and comics and fulfill the same function: They do not depict reality, but carry us into fantasy and dream worlds, full of commentary on our daily life. Only a few of his works are clearly decipherable. 

Especially the motif of the slightly helpless knight is pops up again and again. Hero and anti-hero at the same time, the knight stands for the contemporary human, for the uncertainty of human existence. On his travels he encounters very different people and situations, whom he meets partially with helplessness, partially with irony and humor. .."

Dr. Annette Emde 


           selected exhibitions

  2021  Jahresausstellung / class prof. Werner Büttner / hfbk hamburg (de)

            DIRECTV / kanister raum / class prof. Werner Büttner  / hamburg (de)

   2020  Wolfgang Günther / Emde Gallery / solo show / mainz (de) 

            turn of the tide / futur3 festival / kiel (de) 

            raus project vol.5 - curated by neu format / würzburg (de)

            raus project vol.3 - curated by Philipp Dachsel / berlin (de)

            erstbegehung / first ascent / Emde Gallery / mainz (de)

            raus project vol.1 - curated by Wolfgang Günther / hamburg (de)

            Jahresausstellung / class prof. Werner Büttner / hfbk hamburg (de)

            Home Sweet Home - zu Gast bei Ingeborg Wiensowski / hamburg (de)

  2019  YAWL / duo-exhibition with Regine Schulz / gängeviertel / hamburg (de)
           Grand Jus / open studios lerchenstraße / hamburg (de)

            Keine Rückmeldung von Ebene 2 / perfomance / mallorca (esp)
           Magische Dystopie / with Sophia Leitenmayer, Conrad Hübbe / MOM Art Space / hamburg (de)

  2018  CONSTRUCTED REALITIES / O.K. - Terrain / hamburg (de)
           RICE AND FALL / studio Philipp Dachsel + Wolfgang Günther / vienna (at)
           say shibboleth / class prof. Katrin von Maltzahn / catalogue / galerie oqbo / berlin (de)
           atmosphärisch instabil / tête Galerie / berlin (de)
           Its Just A New Way Of Thinking, duo-exhibition with Mari-Lena Rapprich / NWWK / worpswede (de)
           Blick hinter die Kulissen - Finalisten des Max-Ernst-Stipendiums / Galerie am Schloss / brühl (de)
           Wolf Do The Paint / Galerie FLUT / Solo-exhibition / hfk bremen (de)

  2017  .zip / class Katrin von Maltzahn / hfk exhibition-space dechanatstraße / catalogue /  bremen (de)
           SEMI;COLON / with Alice Gericke, Vincent Kück / Galerie FLUT / bremen (de)
           Making Marks / Audan Kunststiftung / berlin (de)

  2016  Zwei Meter unter Null /  Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven (de)

contact:  wolfganguenther@gmail.com

           raus project


raus project is an independent exhibition platform. It was founded during the covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 by Wolfgang Günther.

The aim of this project is to show art under these difficult circumstances, outside of common exhibition spaces.

Each exhibition takes place in a unique setting and is facilitated by different curators in various cities. Openings are broadcasted live on instagram (@raus.project) and can be streamed online on IGTV afterwards. Every artwork gets uploaded and introduced on the channel following the live stream. Until now eight exhibitions have taken place in Hamburg, Berlin, Kassel, Würzburg, Ahrensburg and Halle with over 130 artists involved.


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