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Wolfgang Günther

1990 born in Munich, lives and works in Berlin, Germany

2019-21 MFA, HFBK Hamburg (Prof. Werner Büttner)

2018 AKBILD, Vienna (Prof. Erwin Bohatsch)

2015-18 HFK Bremen (Prof. Katrin von Maltzahn)

Selected Exhibitions


(upcoming) Okay Space, Athens, GR

It's quite like Guggenheim at Ringcenter (curated by Captain Stavros), FKA6, Berlin, DE

Stratum (curated by Lenia Hauser), Galaxie neuer Künste, Halle, DE


Lil Gloom, Spread Museum, Entrevaux, FR (solo)

Life Boxer, Lycra Raum, Hamburg, DE (solo)

Twenty Minute Dream, P145, Berlin, DE

Total Recall (curated by Fousieh Mobayen), Galerie Burster, Berlin, DE

Art at La Côte (curated by Billie Clarken), La Côte, Berlin, DE

Up there my eyes were breathing (curated by Frauke Alina Becker), Raus Project 13, Athens, GR​


Max-Pechstein-Förderpreis, Kunstsammlungen Zwickau, DE

MFA Graduates, Class Prof. Werner Büttner, HFBK, Hamburg, DE

Class Prof. Werner Büttner, Kanisterraum, Hamburg, DE​


Turn Of The Tide, Futur 3 Festival, Kiel, DE 

Raus Project Vol.1 (curated by Wolfgang Günther), Hamburg, DE

Home Sweet Home, Zu Gast bei Ingeborg Wiensowski, Hamburg, DE​


Magische Dystopie, MOM Art Space, Hamburg, DE

Yawl, Gängeviertel, Hamburg, DE​ (duo with Regine Schulz)


Rice and Fall, Vienna, AT (duo with Philipp Dachsel)

It´s Just A New Way Of Thinking, NWWK, Worpswede, DE (duo with Mari Lena Rapprich)

Say shibboleth, Galerie Oqbo, Berlin, DE

Atmosphärisch Instabil, Tête Galerie, Berlin, DE

Max-Ernst-Stipendium, Galerie am Schloss, Brühl, DE​


Making Marks, Audan Kunststiftung, Berlin, DE​


Zwei Meter unter Null, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, DE​



Max-Pechstein-Förderpreis (shortlisted), Kunstsammlungen Zwickau, DE


Max-Ernst-Stipendium (shortlisted), Galerie am Schloss, Brühl, DE



Spread Museum, Entrevaux, FR 


Audan Kunststiftung, Berlin, DE​



Raus.Project, founded by Wolfgang Günther


As a contemporary painter, Wolfgang Günther deals with his medium in an experimental way. He creates pictorial spaces on the canvas that are based on virtual dream worlds. In terms of content and form, his paintings offer an almost inexhaustible number of possible associations. Mythical creatures, plants, cells, loops, knots, structures pervade the pictorial events, which are based on obligatory perspectives, clear structures and a clear top-and-bottom constellation.

The eye is continuously in motion when viewing the pictures, and is led from one imaginary situation to another, from one imagined event to the next. Time and space become obsolete. Günther creates this intense movement with a sheer exuberance of signs, a variety of materials and innumerable overworked layers, which recognizably overlap and shine through, conceal or reveal each other. Their visual and implemented secrets can be docked onto, but they can never be fully exposed.

Kunstsammlungen Max Pechstein Museum, Germany, 2021



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